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Cosmetic California

Medical Concierge Service in Newport Beach, California

Cosmetic Spa Procedures

Cosmetic California makes it our mission to be a sanctuary for our guests, where they can improve their appearance in a relaxing & elegant atmosphere. We believe in passionate dedication to service excellence and a commitment to moral & ethical values including: Honesty, Respect, Compassion, Empathy, Integrity, and Courtesy. We will create an uplifting and bonding environment where our patients' and staffs' needs are anticipated and provided for with the utmost professionalism. 

Our full service medical spa located in beautiful Newport Beach, California offers a large variety of non-surgical treatment options for the face and body. We offer solutions for skin issues such as fine lines & wrinkles, sun spots, large pores, rosacea, volume loss, spider veins, uneven skin tone and texture, sagging skin, and fat deposits. We also offer body shaping treatments for cellulite and loose skin, non-invasive fat removal therapy, sweat reduction and laser hair removal.


Chemical Peel

Injectable Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Treatments


Injectable Treatments

Injectable medications used to rejuvenate the appearance of wrinkled skin. They temporarily weaken muscles that create wrinkles, acting as a great alternative to surgery.


Skin Rejuvenation

Breast Implants, Revisions, and Lifts

Whether you’re dissatisfied with your A-cup breasts or recent weight loss has left you with a sagging silhouette, call Newport Center for Special Surgery. We have elite and experienced plastic surgeons who can help you find the breast augmentation solution you’ve been looking for.


At Newport Center for Special Surgery, we provide three different procedures for breast augmentation: implants (including silicone, Ideal saline, and fat grafting), revisions, and lifts.


Chemical Peel

Our chemical peels are based on individual concerns and recommendations. They are great for preparing the skin for facial surgery by correcting and stimulating skin cells to strengthen the skin, helping with healing. Also, our peels are great at the time of or after facial surgery to boost collagen production, improve elasticity, diminish lines and wrinkles, and reduce irregular skin pigmentation. Our peels help restore skin’s hydration and prevent future damage. Skin peels are recommended to maintain the results of your surgery and are customized for each patient.


Laser Treatments

The Sciton Laser is used to improve facial issues such as skin laxity, fine lines, pore size, sun damage and pre-malignancies. It can also be used anywhere on the body where skin firmness is desired and is safe on all skin types. It prevents genetic further aging with maintenance treatments.


Medical Grade

Beauty Products

We offer an array of prescription-only and effective products to improve your skin appearance. Each product will be selected specifically for your skin condition.

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